If forced to euphemystically 'nail my bonnet to the musical mast', I would once upon a time have declared myself as 'Old Skool'. Right now however, I'm very much pumping on Vocal Trance with DJ/Producers like Armin van Buuren, ruling my soul.

Without looking for a chronological debate, music effectively took a big change for me personally, in the Eighties. In 1985/86 with the advent of Acid House, synth sounds, keyboard riffs and kicking bass lines became the norm. I always found Disco appalling and very plastic, so it came as something of a surprise in my mid-twenties, when something I liked hit the rounds. Some great sounds and melodies culminated in actually getting me to dance, as I'd been pretty much Rock orientated up until then.

Over the years and right up to the present day, this girl is still loving the same sounds. The only problem is, you get too old to either cut yourself a piece of rug or strut your funky stuff, unless you are a member of the Rolling Stones that is. All in, I like what I would call dance music, pumping energy, trance enducing rhythym and the ever changing featured singers.

My fave LBD

Now for the ultimate self-indulgence, my little pick of the pops, as Alan Freeman use to say. I'm a real fan of female vocals, from Alison Moyet and Karen Wheeler (Soul ll Soul) to the more up-to-date voices of Kelly Llorenna, Dutch-born Loona, who featured with DJ Sammy for the cover of Don Henley's Boys of Summer. However, my big faves at the moment are Emma Lock, Betsie Larkin, Emma Hewitt and Tania Zygar.

My car is always thumping out tunes of this ilk and luckily, I get to spend plenty of time on the road for work, so masses of time to play what I want, when I want. Some of these tracks evoke memories of when I last wore Reebok Pump Trainers and that my waist size now was my chest size then.

Down below, I've put together a list of some of my favourite in-car 'thumpety thump', with my big play 'Halo' by Omnia featuring Melissa Loretta. ........if you're remotely interested that is?

Trance Faves

Some YouTube links for a selection of my current Vocal Trance fave's.