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Welcome to my site, where you may witness an exercise in unadulterated and unrepentant self-promotion. This page is an overview and the following pages are a bit more detail (not too much mind) and my local area.

Pink-White Jumper

I'm a born and bred Croydonian, from some of the less salubrious parts too, if that's humanly possible? I managed to get away from the place for about 15 years, of which 12 were at her Majesty's pleasure, but not in HMP Holloway or the like.

Still, at least I didn't end up in the gutter, well not regularly. Such are the perils of a night out and alcohol. I left school at 16 and after about five years of bog standard jobs, life took a big change for me at 21 and a decent level of education was to come a little later.

These days, I'm an avid traveller with an inquiring mind and prefer to be abroad sampling the delights of historical areas. Just for interest, the background is of Apsara dancers, taken from Angkor Wat, Siem Reap in Cambodia.

So, there you have it. Please have a look around, it's a work in progress and will hopefully continue to evolve.


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