Many myths and misconceptions exist about transgendered people. As a male to female crossdresser the first question I get asked is "are you homosexual?". From a muggle's point of view (a title we give to so called 'normals'), this appears to be a logical conclusion to make, because if you dress to look like a female, you must be looking to pick up men.

Well, in my limited experience, the average homosexual man is not looking for a partner dressed as a girl. Otherwise, he might be bi-sexual or god forbid, ...straight.

When dressed, I don't pass for female, so any man interested in me is deluding himself if he thinks he is straight. So to answer the question above, no I'm not homosexual and I have no interest in all!

So for those that aren't aware or for those that might be interested, here is a little guide to gender, sex and sexuality. I would like to add that the following is not a definitive guide. On the light spectrum, there are many colours and shades between black and white and so it is with transgender people.

Hopefully this gives a little insight into what being transgender means to me and you'll be a little more clued up on how we are in general. I don't seek to speak for anyone else, but I think my three points are pretty accurate. Hell, even the trans community can't agree on appropriate labels or titles for themselves, without a fire-storm argument ensuing.

Essentially, gender is about how you present and/or feel. Put simply, do I like to look and/or feel male or female? If societal rules were not so rigidly gender binary, I would present either male or female depending on how I felt daily. A sort of lucky dip on the clothing front.

This is what sits between your legs. In the standard binary-sex society, there are male and female genitalia. However, there are also intersexed people, but you can look that up for yourself.

This resides if you will, in the heart and is defined by the people that you like. To define this from my genetically male point of view, I only like genetic girls (GGs), so I am heterosexual. I think we all know homosexual and bisexual, plus any other description you can think of, so I won't go any further.

So, there you have it. Please have a look around, it's a work in progress and will hopefully continue to evolve.

A collection of sites dedicated to the Trans community. Firstly, my local group TransPALS.

Thereafter, the first three are personal favourites, with Hannah's Diary taking first slot!

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